This is where you, and only you, can get a listen and download all those song ‘extras’ that either never made it to my albums or were intended for entirely different purposes but have never been made available to the general public.

Click on the relevant ‘Download’ button to download each song.


Southern Cowboy

A while ago I had a plan to get together with some buddies of mine to make a blues album so I got to work writing some tunes and got as far as getting two recorded. The blues project never happened in the end due to circumstances beyond my control but I still had these two tracks. So I figured I’ll keep one as a little surprise for the next album and put the other one one up here just for my Inner Circle members to enjoy. It’s called Southern Cowboy. I came up with the idea after driving on the┬áM25 (the motorway round London) in the early hours of the morning after a gig. I was pretty tired and singing out this song helped me keep my eyes on the road ahead.




Here and Now

This is a leftover from Rock n Roll Ltd. I don’t really like to make albums with too many songs as I always feel its like a content overload for the listener and there is always a danger that it can become a bit of a chore to get through it all. My first two albums had twelve tracks but I decided to make Rock n Roll Ltd only eleven. This is the one that I originally intended to have as the first track but it just didn’t seem to fit there, or indeed anywhere else in the running order, so it had to be left off.




Turbulence II

This one is a different version of a track that is already on The Horne Supremacy. I re-recorded the bridge with a completely different guitar melody intended to sound somewhat more frantic. The song is about a plane that is experiencing some difficult conditions on landing – inspired by a pretty frightening flight I was once on when flying in to Tahiti. The different guitar line is a tricky right hand tapping thing which took me quite a while to get right. It’s supposed to reflect systems going haywire like a computer overloading and I always intended to have it on the song. But I had pressure to get this part of the album done and just didn’t have the time to make sure I did it right. But I just had to hear it the way I wanted it to be so after the album release I re-recorded it and here it is.




Rock Fossil II

Kind of a complete redo of one of the songs on The Time Has Come. I made a YouTube video for Vintage Guitars as I’m one of their endorsees to demonstrate the Vintage V100 (an excellent guitar by the way) and I thought Rock Fossil would be an excellent track to show off the sounds that this guitar would produce. So I rolled the bass and drums and just re-did the main guitar and saved the take from the video so you guys can download it as an mp3. I have to say I really like this version. Its less polished with a raw, live only kind of sound.




Get Richer Quicker

Okay this one is just pure indulgence. From The Time Has Come album and originally called Get Rich Quick. I had Darrin Mooney from Primal Scream play drums on this one and I just loved the drumming so much that I created a longer version by copying and pasting the solo section so that it ran four times as long just o so I had a track to jam along to at home. Anyway, One day I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll record it’ so I did and here it is. Enjoy!





My first ever release! A very humble five song effort that I recorded using a Roland VS840 multitrack and an Alesis SR16 drum machine (why did I think that sounded good compared to real drums?!). I released it in 2001 on the peoplesound website – remember them? You’ll notice that with exception of one track (Tite Tube) all the songs later re-emerged on my first proper album, The Time Has Come, in 2004. I think I actually sold a couple of CDs – my music marketing skills were equally as naive as my music production skills were at the time! Anyway, it brings a smile to my face when I listen to it – you gotta start somewhere right? Click on the button and you can download the whole thing. Enjoy!




Big Love

This is a song I wrote as wedding gift for a very good friend of mine. This version is just the guitar on its own but I like it so much I’m planning to make an arrangement for the band and re-record it for my next album. I’ll let you know when that happens but here’s the first draught.





A very simple little theme tune I knocked up for a children’s TV series which unfortunately never made it to air. Great fun to create though nothing special.




Louise and Stuart’s Wonderful Day

Another wedding gift to some friends of me and my wife. Simple little acoustic number that I like to bring out every now and then. Enjoy.