Welcome to the Inner Circle video page. I’m always making videos so these are just a few to check out but there will more posted up here real soon.

Reach For The Power

From the album Rock n Roll Ltd with my ‘house’ band – Alistair Begg on bass and John Weedon on drums. Video directed by Ali Hamilton.

Gets Me High

From the Rock n Roll Ltd album again. One of my favourites this one. What can I say? Music! It just gets me high.

Rig Rundown

Live Footage

The following vids are from a show we did in March 2013 at The Limelight Theatre in Aylesbury, London. We usually get to play dingy clubs and venues so when we got this gig we thought ‘hey lets shoot a video!’ We had played there before so we knew it would be the perfect layout as it had a high balcony to get some great state shots from above. I remember the night well. I had been suffering with a really bad throat just before the gig and was praying my voice was going to be okay. Luckily I woke up on that very morning with my voice restored – well good enough anyway – though I was struggling at times. On top of that we had to travel through a snowstorm to get there and were worried that the snow was going to put everybody off coming but fortunately a few hard line fans did make it down despite the weather. We had a gig. Oh, and one of the cameras stopped working so we only had the two angles to work with but we managed to get a few songs on tape. The show must go on!

High Times (Live)

 Hypnotise (Live)

The Next Big Thing (Live)