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Latest News …

Just launched the LACHLAN HORNE MINOR PENTATONIC MASTERCLASS. As well as performing I do a lot of teaching and I get a lot of students coming to me complaining that they don’t feel like they’re progressing and just playing the same old thing over and over again. So I compiled some of the tricks up my sleeve into a video tutorial aimed addressing this problem using just one scale – the minor pentatonic scale. Click here or on the link in the top menu to find out more.

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I’ve been real busy recently playing some rhythm guitar for Dire Straits UK – a tribute band to the music of … you guessed it Dire Straits! I dipped for them a while back and I had such a laugh. When they offered me some full time work I just couldn’t say no. Really great band and truly the most authentic tribute on the circuit. Find out more here.

I’ve also been trying to get more tunes written, including some really rocking’ blues numbers. When I get the time I’ll be back in the studio forging them into another album. Inner Circle members will be getting the first listen.

Until then here is a little tune from my most recent album Rock n Roll Ltd. Enjoy!