“Horne can play. Oh yes he can really play.” Powerplay

“Brilliant guitarist, great songs and an inspiration to work with.”
Darrin Mooney – Drummer for Primal Scream and Gary Moore

“Riffs and solos pour from Lachlan’s fingers with an ease that should make the competition weep … a name to catch for true rockers everywhere.”

“Sensational guitarist that always delivers exactly what I’m looking for. But what makes him so valuable is that he is always able to pull something amazing out of the bag when I don’t know what I want.”
Paul Zimmer of Zimmer Audio Productions (ZAP)


So in the middle of all that pandemic I’ve been busy writing and recording. I have a new single coming out on 18th June – check out the video below and be sure to tune in to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc when it comes out. In the meantime, enjoy the video. Rock!