Rock n Roll Ltd

Rock n Roll Ltd

Lachlan’s most recent, and long awaited, third album Rock n Roll Ltd (2014). Featuring the talents of bass player Alistair Begg and drummer John Weedon. Arguably his best it showcases his unrelenting talent at combining appealing and catchy rock songs with great musicianship and technical prowess. Now available for download from CDBaby and iTunes.

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The Horne Supremacy


“The singer, songwriter and guitarist offers up a straight ahead rock fest, boasting melodic choruses and impressive chops honed by years of hard stage graft”  Musician

Originally released as two ‘sides’ at separate times and featuring the drumming skills of Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream and Gary Moore fame.

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The Time Has Come



“It’s a good hard rocking album with rock solid riffs” Fireworks

“guitar fans will have a field day with this album” Powerplay

“”The Time Has Come” is 11 tracks of a guitar freak’s wet dream with Metal, Blues, Prog-Rock, Funk, Fusion and Jazz. The main glue that hold this altogether is the awesome rhythms this guy comes up with. There’s enough here to keep you busy for the duration of the 49 minutes; the music is diverse and fresh with no real repetition of riffs or chords constantly…The time has come for you to check it out for yourself.” Quintessence

Released in 2004 The Time Has Come is regarded as Lachlan’s ‘arrival’ as a guitar virtuoso. Instrumental rock guitar that appeals very much to the guitar playing listener. Still packs a punch today.

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