“Horne can play. Oh yes he can really play.” Powerplay

“Brilliant guitarist, great songs and an inspiration to work with.”
Darrin Mooney – Drummer for Primal Scream, Gary Moore and Josh Smith

“Riffs and solos pour from Lachlan’s fingers with an ease that should make the competition weep … a name to catch for true rockers everywhere.”

“Sensational guitarist that always delivers exactly what I’m looking for. But what makes him so valuable is that he is always able to pull something amazing out of the bag when I don’t know what I want.”
Paul Zimmer of Zimmer Audio Productions (ZAP)

Lachlan first picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen and very soon after began his journey as a performing guitar player with a great future ahead of him. After a couple of years of self tuition Lachlan enrolled at The Guitar Institute in London and studied under distinguished guitar players such as Alan Limbrick, John Etheridge and Shaun Baxter. After a few more years of diligent music study, and a lifestyle centred around intensive guitar practice, he established himself as a professional musician and has since performed in numerous successful bands and acts both in the UK and Australia. He has been fortunate to have worked with a variety of talented musicians, most notably drummer and long term friend Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream and Gary Moore fame. Darrin plays drums on Lachlan’s first two albums.

He has played sessions and written music for a variety of music and media projects and his playing can be heard on computer games, radio commercials, an online slot machine and even as a theme on a roller coaster. The UK music manufacturer JHS liked his guitar playing so much they asked him to be an endorsee of their Vintage brand of guitars.

As well as being an artist and working musician he has earned a well deserved reputation as a leading exponent of contemporary rock guitar. When not performing or recording his own music, or playing on other projects, he manages a hectic teaching schedule and has a long waiting list of guitar students eagerly waiting to learn from his skills.

After spending most of his music career as a side man and session musician he stepped out of the shadows in 2004 by releasing his own instrumental rock album entitled The Time Has Come. This was followed soon after with Lachlan’s first official foray into lead vocals with his second album The Horne Supremacy in 2007/2009 which was originally released as two EPs, or ’sides,’ as a hat tip to the traditional vinyl album release, but for the digital age. This album was Lachlan’s first official foray into singing lead vocals – a skill he had already honed through years of playing and singing backing vocals in a variety of different acts. His third release, Rock n Roll Ltd (2014) further garnered his reputation as a guitar player and songwriter of great skill and musical ability. 

Despite his achievements there are still many yet to discover Lachlan Horne and all that he has to offer so his latest release (and first ever single!) serves as the perfect introduction to what Lachlan Horne is all about. Great rock songs with infectious guitar riffs, catchy choruses and, of course, blistering guitar solos. The single is called You Don’t Know Me and if you don’t know Lachlan Horne listening to that song will soon make you glad that you now do!