This is where you can get all my albums to download or listen to as much as you wish. Don’t forget I will be bringing out more albums in the future (I am always working on my music) and they will be added to this page as soon as they are done. I’ll let you know as soon as I get another one finished. In the mean time please help yourself.

Rock n Roll Ltd

My most recent album. Released in 2014. Featuring Alistair Begg on bass and John Weedon on drums and me doing everything else including the production.

The album cover is supposed to reflect my view on what the music industry has become. So few musician’s make a substantial living at music now but at the same time there are so many bands and artists trying their best. The great news is you really don’t need a huge record label to get you going anymore. You just need to get your music recorded and start selling it in whatever way you can – be that through connecting with fans directly through the internet or just good ol’ busking.

Click on the album cover to download the zip file.

The Horne Supremacy

My first album with vocals. It features Darrin Mooney and Tim Guille on drums. Everything else by me, as always, including the production.

I originally released this album in two parts – Side One (2007) and Side Two (2009). I kinda miss the idea of having albums on vinyl with two separate sides being two different journeys in music so I figures in the day one sided CDs etc I could operate the album by releasing the two ‘sides’ at two different points in time. Makes me think I’ll have to release an album on vinyl sometime. Especially now its so popular again. The download here is the whole album.

Click on the album cover to download the zip file.

The Time Has Come

My first proper album. Released in 2004. All instrumental tracks with me doing everything except drums which were done by Darrin Mooney and Tim Guille. Recorded using very basic recording gear and and a great deal of learning curve. Really pleased I made this album despite its naive production (again by myself) as it really helped me get some good music work.

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Be sure to check all the tracks that didn’t make it onto any of these albums, as well as some other tunes that were never intended for general release, but is now be available to Inner Circle members exclusively. Head straight to theĀ Song Download page to find out more.