Welcome to the Inner Circle Guitar Lessons Page. This is where I like to share my guitar playing ideas with my inner circle members. I’m always adding to this page so if you’re a guitar player keep an eye on this page for new lessons. Enjoy!

String Skipping the Minor Pentatonic Scale

A very simple, but very effective way of making your standard Minor Pentatonic scale shapes sound way cool.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale – But bigger and faster! 

A simple but very effective way to get much more out of the Minor Pentatonic Scale.

Minor Pentatonic Sequencing

Introducing a sequence into the Minor Pentatonic Scale to create more creative and interesting runs and licks.

Sweep Picking a Major 7th Arpeggio (Part One)

A lesson in Speed! Learn how to ‘Sweep Pick’ a Major 7th Arpeggio.

Sweep Picking a Major 7th Arpeggio (Part Two)

The same Major 7th Arpeggio but with more notes!

A Cool Arpeggio Based Idea

All based around a very simple A Minor Arpeggio but with a bit of imagination we make it into a very cool lick.