As well as being a performing musician and music artist I also like to teach my guitar playing skills to a select few who share my enthusiasm for guitar playing and are serious about developing their playing technique. Not only have I been teaching and playing guitar professionally for more than thirty years, I have had my playing and my music used for radio ads, computer games, online slot machines and a rollercoaster ride as well as other media presentations and videos. I have released three solo albums to date, two of which feature the talents of Primal Scream and Gary Moore’s drummer Darrin Mooney, and have taught in schools, colleges, and more private lessons than I could possibly count. In short, I know my stuff and have had a lifetime’s experience knowing what is required to become a complete guitarist. I am in the perfect position to show aspiring guitar students how they can reach their full potential and become fully accomplished guitarists themselves.

To get an idea of the of the nature of my tuition I have listed the areas of study that though these are not set in stone and I am happy to tailor your lesson plan according to your individual needs. I should stress I no longer teach beginners though I have outlined in the beginner section below what I would expect you to already have a basic grasp of before we embarked on private lessons.


Open chords
Basic music notation
Rhythm guitar basics
Twelve Bar Blues and the guitar
Barre chords
Minor Pentatonic Scale
Blues Scale
Major Pentatonic Scale


The Major Scale
Ear training
Major Scale Harmony in triads
Key identification
Understanding the concept of the Diatonic Scale
Major Scale Harmony and extended chords
Major Scale and Sequencing
Application of the Major Scale to Blues
Improvisation and key changing
Applying the Major Scale to Blues
Major Scale Modes
The Modes and Rock, Funk, Pop, Blues, Jazz etc
Mixing the minor modes with the Minor Pentatonic Scale
Chord Theory
Compound Intervals and extended chords
Dominant 7th Arpeggios
Major 7th Arpeggios
Sweep Picking Scale Shapes
Sweep Picking Arpeggios
String Skipping
Right Hand Tapping
Application of Major Triads
Extended Minor Pentatonic Scale shapes


Melodic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor Harmony
Dominant Lydian mode
Super Locrian mode
Altered Chords
Chord Substitutions in Jazz
Advanced application of Minor Pentatonic Scales
Advanced Right Hand Tapping techniques
Harmonic Minor Scale
Harmonic Minor Harmony
Dominant Phrygian mode
Dorian #4 mode (Romanian Minor)
Diminished Scale
Diminished Arpeggios
Half Step Diminished Scale

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